Latest news | In October, train drivers are expected to strike again.

Latest news | In October, train drivers are expected to strike again.

In an ongoing pay dispute, train drivers are reportedly planning additional strikes for October.

On October 1 and 5, drivers at 12 train companies are anticipated to go on strike.

Due to the upcoming burial of Queen Elizabeth II, the railway drivers’ union, Aslef, has refrained from commenting on the anticipated industrial action.

The revelation of the Queen’s passing caused a walkout that was scheduled for September 15 to be postponed.

Before Tuesday, Aslef will not make any remarks or public announcements regarding additional strike action.

However, David Horne, the managing director of rail company LNER, tweeted that the trade union Aslef has informed the company of a strike on Saturday, October 1, and Wednesday, October 5.

According to Mr. Horne, LNER has already halted ticket sales for these dates and will announce the services that will be offered as soon as possible.

The BBC was informed by a rail industry source that they viewed the Aslef leadership’s announcement of new strike action on Friday to be “extraordinary” and “utterly disrespectful.”

In this time of national grief, they added, “the entire rail family is working hard to support the hundreds of thousands of people who desire to pay their respects to Her Majesty the Queen.”

As a result of union demands for salary rises in step with the rising cost of living, there have already been many significant train strikes in recent months that have disrupted millions of people’s lives.

Rail executives claim they want to increase employee wages. To “modernize” the railway, put a stop to some antiquated working procedures, and save money, they and the government say, reforms are required.

They contend that neither taxpayers nor passengers should have to pay extra to close the financial gap because passenger revenue is lower than it was before the epidemic and after enormous amounts of public funding kept services running. Higher pay must therefore be paid for through reforms.

Additionally, they claim that unions treat passengers with “absolute disdain.”

Travel to and from the Conservative party conference, scheduled to take place in Birmingham between October 2 and October 5, is anticipated to be impacted by the most recent strike action.

On October 2, the London Marathon will also be held.

The Trade Unions Congress, among others, criticized Prime Minister Liz Truss’ campaign promise to impose new limitations on unions as an “assault on fundamental British liberty.”

She suggested, among other things, mandating that certain sectors, like the railroads, offer a minimum level of service.

Currently, unions are required to give two weeks’ notice before going on strike.

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