Latest news | King Charles III: Companies are honoured to serve the new king.

Latest news | King Charles III: Companies are honoured to serve the new king.

A total of 180 Royal Warrants that King Charles III issued while still, the Prince of Wales will be in effect because they belong to the household and not the individual. Three companies discuss what it’s like to supply the King now.

‘We are proud’

In 1989, the then-Prince Charles issued a Royal Warrant to Trickers in Northampton, the country’s longest continuously operating shoemaker.

It claims that providing him with shoes has always made him “proud” and that the warrant was the “highest symbol of excellence.”

“We are still honoring the life of the Queen, but we are delighted that we still will be servicing the household of the King,” managing director Martin Mason adds.

In 2019, when the business celebrated its 190th anniversary, the then-Prince of Wales paid a visit to the plant.

According to Mr. Mason, during the visit, he erected a memorial plaque and “spoke to many of the many shoemakers within the plant.”

He was overjoyed to meet everyone and learn about their various occupations.

He is excellent at making customers feel comfortable and is enthusiastic about Northampton, the shoe business, and preserving this amazing trade.

He continues, “I think he’ll make a great King.

‘It’s a new era’

Since the 1960s, seasonal produce has been sent by fruit and vegetable trader D & F McCarthy to the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

It has had a royal warrant from the Queen Mother, the Queen, and King Charles III as Prince of Wales for more than 50 years.

The corporation has two years to stop using the Queen’s warrant, which it initially acquired in 1970, as more than 600 Royal Warrants died away with Queen Elizabeth II.

One of the directors of the 1877-founded family business, Peter McCarthy, says it is both a “sad time” and a “new period in everyone’s life.”

Since I’ve worked here, “we’ve only known the Queen’s warrant on the vehicles,” the 55-year-old claims.

However, King Charles III’s original 1990 royal grant of the company’s warrant will remain in effect.

It will be a proud day when we receive the King’s warrant, he says.

We always feel incredibly privileged to serve the royal family, and we hope they will come to Sandringham as frequently as Her Majesty did.

‘Lucky to share same passion’

One of the top gardeners from the Royal Estate recommended Barcham Trees in Cambridgeshire about twenty years ago.

Barcham’s trees were subsequently planted on all of the estates, including Sandringham and Balmoral.

The Queen granted the Ely-based business its first Royal Warrant in that year.

Her Majesty’s death, according to managing director Mike Glover, was a “really sad day” for them.

She acknowledged our trees by giving us a warrant, he recalls, and that meant a lot.

“This is a huge source of pleasure for us as we are allowed to publish her warrant on our website and reference book ‘Time for Trees’ for a further two years.”

In 2014, when he was still the Prince of Wales, the corporation was given a Royal Warrant, which is still in effect as he becomes King.

Naturally, this is a tremendous honor, adds Mr. Glover.

“From my perspective, our new King has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental issues, and it is generally known that he loves trees. We are merely fortunate to have the same enthusiasm.”

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