Latest sports news | Max Verstappen asserts that although Nelson Piquet’s choice of words was incorrect, he is not racist

Latest sports news | Max Verstappen asserts that although Nelson Piquet’s choice of words was incorrect, he is not racist

In a recent viral video, three-time Formula One champion Nelson Piquet used a racial term to refer to Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton when recalling the accident between the Brit and the current world champion Max Verstappen at Silverstone in the previous race. This put him in hot water.

One of the people upset by the incident from a year ago was Nelson Piquet, the father of Verstappen’s partner Kelly Piquet. He accused Hamilton of contributing to Verstappen’s “Did Not Finish” result by crashing down the tire barricade after the Red Bull driver’s rear wheel made contact with Hamilton’s car.

Piquet shouldn’t have used the word he did, according to Verstappen, but people shouldn’t draw premature conclusions.

Even with the various cultures and things they may have said when they were younger, I believe the terminology employed was incorrect.

Piquet apologized for the way the phrase was used, but he insisted that the Portuguese language, his mother tongue, gives the word a different contextual meaning.

Verstappen added, “Let it be a lesson for us not to use that word in the future because it’s incredibly insulting, especially nowadays it acquires more traction.”

The Dutchman countered that it might not be fair to accuse Piquet of racism based on this single occurrence.

The current F1 title leader claimed, “I’ve spent some time with Nelson, perhaps more than the ordinary person in general, and he’s not a racist.

“He’s a great, laid-back man. Additionally, I believe there are two possible interpretations of the word in the statement he released, but it is still preferable not to use it.

But using insulting words toward people of any color is improper; it’s not only about a particular word or the N-word in general. Verstappen clarified his position on racism by saying, “And that’s what we have to work on everywhere in the world, not only in F1 with Lewis but to anyone in the world.

According to reports, Piquet’s lifetime admission to the paddock, which was given to him because of his three championships, has been canceled.

A restriction on Piquet accessing the paddock, in Verstappen’s opinion, would be ineffective since it would prevent the two drivers from communicating.

I feel that engaging him in discourse is preferable to banning him. Since you are not speaking when you ban someone, you are not even making the problem better.

The 24-year-old believed it would be preferable to sit down and speak with the former driver face-to-face rather than impose a suspension.

“Communication is essential, and you must communicate. Simply banning something won’t help you enforce what you’re attempting to do, right? It is better to talk to them because you are trying to educate them.

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