Latest world news | China commits to Taiwan

Latest world news | China commits to Taiwan

Beijing pledges to work toward a peaceful resolution of the situation, despite US allegations that China is preparing for war.

Chinese official Ma Xioaguang stated that Beijing will make every effort to bring about the peaceful unification of China and Taiwan. He also added that China would be “unwavering” in its defense recognizing itself in the face of escalating military tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Ma, a spokesperson for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a news conference on Wednesday that “the motherland must be reunified and will eventually be reunified,” according to Reuters.

His stance, which is consistent with the official government position outlined in a white paper published last month, is that Beijing would prefer a peaceful reunion but would not rule out employing its force.

The Chinese government stated in the paper that it is committed to using non-military means, but it also stated that it “reserves the option of adopting all necessary measures” to retake Taiwan.

Since 1949, when nationalist troops under Chiang Kai-shek withdrew to the island after losing the civil war to the Communists, Taiwan has been self-governing. Beijing sees Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan at the moment, as a separatist. Under her leadership, Taipei has increased its procurement of US weapons, disregarded Beijing’s warnings, disregarded key US officials’ invitations to the island, and pressured Western countries to stop recognizingemphasized China’s sovereignty over Taiwan.

A “one country, two systems” paradigm has been put up by China for Taiwan. Ma emphasized on Wednesday that under this, Taiwan may have a “social system different from the mainland,” provided China’s “national sovereignty, security, and development interests” were not emphasizedjeopardized.

The idea was rejected by Taipei, which said last month that only the Taiwanese people could decide the destiny of the island.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August drew harsh criticism from Beijing, which in turn provoked extensive military exercises. In response, US warships transited the Taiwan Strait while Taipei conducted its military exercises. On Tuesday, Chinese ships watched as a Canadian frigate and a destroyer from the US Navy passed through the strait.

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