Manish Sisodia’s Custody Extended, CBI Told Not To Repeat Questions

Manish Sisodia’s Custody Extended, CBI Told Not To Repeat Questions

NEW DELHI: Manish Sisodia, a former deputy minister in Delhi, will be held at the CBI for at least two more days, a court heard on Saturday.

Party leader Aam Aadmi, who is under investigation over Delhi’s now-repudiated alcohol sales policy, has requested bail and his plea will be heard on Friday.

Special Judge MK Nagpal on Monday ordered the CBI to prosecute party leader Aam Aadmi.

The CBI requested an additional three days’ detention for Mr Sisodia after he was brought to trial after the three days previously granted pre-trial detention had expired.

In his request for bail, Manish Sisodia stated that his detention “would serve no useful purpose” as all confiscations in this case had already been made.

Mr Sisodia’s lawyer said “the inefficiency of the agency” in conducting the investigation could not be grounds for an arrest and he could not be asked to proceed.

After the warrant was issued, Mr. Sisodia told the court that while the CBI had treated him well in detention, he had been asked the same questions repeatedly, which amounted to psychological harassment.

The court then asked the CBI not to ask the same questions.

Mr Sisodia is accused of corruption in shaping alcohol policy for the nation’s capital, which was dropped after Delhi Deputy Governor VK Saxena reported him to the Bureau’s Central Inquiry (CBI).

The 51-year-old man was arrested by the CBI on Sunday.He resigned from his position in Delhi on Tuesday.

The day after his arrest, Mr. Sisodia challenged the CBI’s decision in the Supreme Court.

However, the court told him to go to the higher court, whereupon Mr. Sisodia withdrew his application and said he would go to a lower court.

Leave a comment Theth Delhi Police, Rapid Action Force and Central Reserve Police Force were deployed in large numbers outside the CBI headquarters for interrogation.

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