Martha roby | Rep. Martha Roby of the GOP will not run for reelection.

Martha roby | Rep. Martha Roby of the GOP will not run for reelection.

The number of Republican women in the House has further decreased as Rep. Martha Roby (R-Ala.) announced on Friday that she will not run for re-election to a sixth term.

The Alabama Republican had gained notoriety in her native state because she renounced her support for Donald Trump before he was elected president. Last year, the candidate narrowly avoided a contentious primary battle. Roby becomes the sixth Republican in the House to declare his intention to retire, and the third this week.

In a news release, Roby stated, “Even though my name won’t be on the ballot in 2020, I am determined to continue the fight for Alabama and the people I represent until I cast my last vote on the floor.

Roby struggled in the 2018 primary, in part because she stopped supporting Trump in 2016 after the “Access Hollywood” tape made it clear that he had boasted about sexually abusing women. Roby eventually received Trump’s support, which helped re-elect her.

Roby is one of the more youthful Republican women in Congress at the age of 43. She is a member of both the House Judiciary Committee and the prestigious Appropriations panel.

It would be difficult for Democrats to win Roby’s seat in the upcoming election because it went to Trump by a margin of 31.7 points.

But her departure is a setback for the GOP since she is the second Republican woman to announce her retirement this year, out of the 13 who are now serving in the House.

Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Ind. ), who oversees the party’s recruitment, had declared she would not run for reelection.

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