Media: Canada is attempting to repatriate Russian gas turbines.

Media: Canada is attempting to repatriate Russian gas turbines.

Although Ottawa wants to maintain its anti-Russian sanctions, it does not want them to damage Germany.

According to Bloomberg, Canada is looking into ways to return vital components for Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline that are now impounded in the nation as a result of sanctions. Jonathan Wilkinson, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, was quoted in the story.

Because Siemens turbines from its Portovaya pumping station in Vyborg were stranded in Montreal while they were shipped there for maintenance, Russian energy producer Gazprom claimed it was obliged to cut natural gas deliveries to Germany via the Nord Stream pipeline by 60 percent last week. Ottawa claims it cannot return the parts without violating Canada’s sanctions against Russia since they are covered by those sanctions.

“We want to uphold the penalties because they were instituted for a good reason. Having said that, the goal of the sanctions was never to harm Germany because it is one of our closest partners and friends. Therefore, we are quite concerned about this situation, Wilkinson told the news source.

“We are attempting to establish a route through which we can permit the supply of gas by talking to Germany. We can look at many solutions, he said, adding that Ottawa is negotiating with Berlin about how to return the equipment.

The German Federal Grid Agency claims that the decrease in gas flow had an impact on Germany’s ability to supply Russian gas to other European nations like France, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

These and other EU nations announced emergency measures this week targeted at decreasing the usage of natural gas in response to the situation. Some nations have asserted that Moscow decided to reduce gas flows to put further pressure on Europe. The problem, according to Gazprom, is technological.

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