Mumtaz talks about not marrying Shammi Kapoor during live chat: ‘He wanted me to give up my career’

Mumtaz talks about not marrying Shammi Kapoor during live chat: ‘He wanted me to give up my career’

On her 75th birthday, Mumtaz hosted a live chat session for her followers during which she discussed Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Tiger Shroff, and the reason she didn’t wed Shammi Kapoor.

Mumtaz, a former movie diva who turned 75 on Sunday, claimed that she is still able to dance in movies but that she is unable to “fly like Jackie Shroff’s son.” She was making reference to Tiger Shroff’s dance prowess on stage. Mumtaz participated in a social media live chat with her followers and responded to their inquiries in a video that her daughter Tanya Madhvani recorded. (Also read: Husband Mayur gives Mumtaz a Mercedes for her 75th birthday.)

Mumtaz was questioned by a fan regarding her encounter with director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. When Mumtaz recently met him, she mentioned that it was her first encounter with him.

He presents women like fairies, and he knows how to showcase art, she said as she lavished him with compliments. He is a fantastic producer and director. Heeramandi, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first digital film, is expected to include Mumtaz. When asked if she will be a part of the impending Netflix original, Mumtaz responded, “Ask the filmmaker. I am unable to respond to your query. “If you want to see me (in a film again), ask the producers and directors “why don’t you take Mumtaz,” she further urged her audience. What’s the issue? And if they do grant me a position, even then,It must be a thing I enjoy.

Tanya, Mumtaz’s daughter, also had inquiries for her. Tanya enquired as to whether Mumtaz will now dance in a movie, adding that she thinks her mother is a talented dancer. Mumtaz said, “I can dance, but I cannot fly like Tiger Shroff, Jackie Shroff’s son, and all that.” She added that Alia Bhatt is her favourite actor and that she thinks she dances well in addition to having a lovely appearance.

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