New candidate | Republican candidate in North Carolina favours a new electio.

New candidate | Republican candidate in North Carolina favours a new electio.

If the state’s Board of Elections investigation reveals criminal conduct that “could’ve impacted the outcome of the election,” the Republican candidate in a North Carolina congressional race rocked by allegations of election fraud declared that he would “wholly support” a new election.

Mark Harris claimed in a video message on Friday that he was “totally ignorant of any misconduct,” but added that “it will not preclude me from complying with this inquiry.” Harris currently leads Democrat Dan McCready by 905 votes.

The 9th Seat in North Carolina, which has its headquarters in Charlotte and was the most competitive House district this autumn, had the North Carolina Board of Elections twice reject certification of the results. During the campaign, the board reported “reports of various anomalies and coordinated fraudulent acts.”

In this election or previous ones, Harris remarked, “I expect that this inquiry will be thorough and look into any alleged anomalies that could’ve helped either party.”

Harris’ remarks reaffirm those made on Thursday by Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party, who said that the party would accept a fresh election if proof emerged that the alleged fraud “changed the race.” Initially, Woodhouse demanded that the state board declare Harris the winner right away.

On Friday, McCready went on the air, telling CNN that his campaign is the victim of “terrible, shameful criminal conduct,” and he urged his rival to inform the public of his knowledge of the alleged fraud.

Even though McCready said in his CNN interview that “it certainly looks that way,” he stopped short of claiming that Harris was aware of the alleged alteration and destruction of absentee ballots carried out by one of his campaign workers on Friday. This comes one day after McCready withdrew his race concession.

The question of whether absentee ballots in significant counties were destroyed would be left to investigators, according to McCready, who added that “the affidavits do not paint a nice picture.”

Through his attorneys, Harris has insisted that he was not aware of any unlawful activities and that he would assist the authorities. But McCready claimed on Friday that’s insufficient.

“Only one person is aware of the full scope of this illicit conduct. It’s Mark Harris there. The people of North Carolina, whose voices were stolen, find it wholly intolerable, McCready added.

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