New news | Russia launches an investigation into the ‘terrorist’ attack on its embassy

New news | Russia launches an investigation into the ‘terrorist’ attack on its embassy

After a molotov cocktail was hurled at Moscow’s diplomatic mission in Canada, a criminal investigation has been launched.

Regarding the assault on its embassy in Canada last week, Russia has started a criminal inquiry. Oleg Stepanov, the representative for Moscow, classified the assault as a terrorist attempt.

On September 12, an unidentified attacker threw a molotov cocktail at the structure. However, the contents in the bottle did not ignite upon impact and did not harm or damage the embassy’s staff.

Stepanov stated, “We are talking about an attempt to perform a terrorist act,” and cautioned that unless action is taken to stop such violence, similar assaults could take again responsibly and have even more serious repercussions.

The chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Aleksander Bastrikin, declared on Tuesday via Telegram that he has commissioned a criminal probe into the incident. He claimed that the investigation’s goal is to look into the specifics of the attack on September 12 and collaborate with Canadian authorities to find the perpetrator by giving them a video from the embassy’s security cameras.

In response to the event, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Canada’s ambassador to Moscow, Alison LeClaire, on Monday. The ministry claimed that Ottawa police ignored “aggressive protestors” who were obstructing the entrance to the embassy despite police being on the site, in addition to failing to stop the attack or identify those responsibly.

The ministry demanded that Canada provide adequate protection for Russian foreign missions by the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations. “The attention of the head of the Canadian diplomatic mission is drawn to the fact that, as in other similar cases of hostile actions against the diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation in Canada, law enforcement agencies did not prevent these incidents and did not detain the perpetrators,” the ministry wrote.

The attack has been confirmed by the Canadian police, who said that they were keeping an eye out for any occurrences and were ready to act if necessary.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated in a statement on Monday that they were also looking into the incident and that they “constantly adapt their protective posture to the current threat environment by ensuring a suitable degree of protection is in place at the Russian Embassy.” a

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