News headlines | East Taiwan Strait drilling will become “regular” in China – media

News headlines | East Taiwan Strait drilling will become “regular” in China – media

Chinese warships and aircraft will continue to cross Taiwan’s de facto border.

Chinese state TV announced on Sunday, according to Reuters, that the Chinese military will henceforth conduct “regular” maneuvers on the eastern side of the Taiwan Strait’s median line.

Warships and military aircraft from the two sides often avoid crossing the middle line, which divides China and Taiwan.

This week, in response to Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, visiting Taiwan, Beijing began extensive live-fire military drills in the area. China prohibits interactions between foreign officials and the Taipei government because it considers the autonomous island to be part of its territory.

On Saturday, Chinese warships and aircraft continued their training for attacks and amphibious landings off the coast of Taiwan. The exercises were regularly characterized as a characterized practice for “a reunification-by-force operation” by Chinese state media, while Taipei said they amounted to a blockade of the island. The movement of the Chinese ships was being monitored, according to the Taiwanese Defense Ministry.

Wang Yi, the foreign minister of China, told reporters on Saturday that the drills were being conducted in compliance with international law and added, “Our measures are decisive, strong, and proportionate.” The exercises, according to him, are intended to “discipline the Taiwan independence forces.”

Meanwhile, a White House representative called the drills near Taiwan “a significant escalation in China’s efforts to disrupt the status quo.”

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