News Latest news | Zelensky informs Bill Clinton of what the United States can do for Kiev

News Latest news | Zelensky informs Bill Clinton of what the United States can do for Kiev

He asserted that Washington need to be the first to commit resources to Ukraine’s security and designate Russia as a supporter of terrorism.

Former US President Bill Clinton was briefed by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on how the US might support his nation during its fight with Russia. He specifically asked America to sign the security guarantees Kyiv is requesting from as many foreign countries as it can. He also requests that Moscow be labelled as a state sponsor of terrorism by Washington.

“The United States is a beacon of democracy for the entire civilised world. Other countries also provide us with artillery when you do. Therefore, other countries would follow if the US names Russia a state supporter of terrorism, the Ukrainian president said on Tuesday at a Clinton Foundation event.

While the White House has said that such a designation would be ineffective and have no bearing on Washington’s anti-Russian policy, Kyiv has been clamouring for it for weeks.

Zelensky reaffirmed the demand when he addressed Kyivthe the Clinton Global Initiative via video hookup. The gathering’s host and the moderator were the previous US president. Clinton pushed Zelensky to submit specific recommendations while continuing to offer any assistance Zelensky’s country might want.

The majority of us have good connections with our governments, but we also have many non-governmental measures at our disposal to assist. We are rooting for you, so please don’t hesitate to ask, “Clinton said to Zelensky.

The president of Ukraine commended Washington for serving as an example for other like-minded countries and urged the US administration to take the initiative in supplying Ukraine with the weaponry, resources, and other things it requires. Additionally, he urged the US to ratify security guarantees that Ukraine is requesting from other countries.

The idea was released last week and was developed by an advisory panel led by former NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Zelensky’s chief of staff, Andrey Yermak. It entails legally enforceable commitments for the long-term funding, armament, and training of Ukrainian forces. Kyiv views it as a band-aid measure that would guarantee its security up till it enlists in NATO with its mutual defence clause.

Zelensky told the audience, “I would want to see the US being the first country in the world to sign those contracts on security guarantees with Ukraine.

Clinton acknowledged that he was no longer speaking on behalf of the US government but promised to look for ways to support Ukraine with things like rehabilitation and humanitarian relief.

The Clinton Foundation has contributed to recovery efforts in numerous areas of the world affected by disasters over the years. After the 2010 earthquake, the charity showed a particular interest in Haiti, even if it’s still unclear what the island country gained from it.

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