Oil business | Russian oil travels through covert naval ways to the EU, reports Nikkei

Oil business | Russian oil travels through covert naval ways to the EU, reports Nikkei

According to the publication, recent offshore crude traffic via Greece has increased significantly.

According to business daily Nikkei, numerous ships have exchanged oil off the coast of Greece during the past six months with tankers that departed Russia and later arrived at European ports. According to their investigation, there was just one such vessel last year.

Even after the oil embargo goes into effect, oil may still be transferred between ships at sea to conceal its origin, according to the publication.

It went on to say that on August 24, it captured images of oil being transferred between tankers in the Laconian Gulf, close to southern Greece. The Sea Falcon, a tanker with Greek registration, purportedly left the port of Ust-Luga in northwest Russia on August 4. The other was the Jag Lok, an aircraft flying the Indian flag, which departed from the

In the six months leading up to August 22, Nikkei identified 175 transfers involving Russian vessels off the coast of Greece. Only nine of these transactions took place over the same time frame the previous year, it claimed. According to Refinitiv statistics, Russia sold 23.86 million barrels of oil to Greece for ship-to-ship transfers. 4.34 million barrels were shipped for comparable transfers during the same time frame the previous year.

Nikkei followed the ships’ movements and confirmed that 89 tankers landed at ports, as opposed to just three in 2021. It was noted that two tankers made port calls in Britain, and that out of them, 41 arrived atemphasized ports in Greece, Belgium, and other parts of Europe.

The study emphasised the significance of the waterways bordering Greece as a hub.

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