Pandemic news | Biden connects the coronavirus outbreak to the fight for racial justice,

Pandemic news | Biden connects the coronavirus outbreak to the fight for racial justice,

About the pandemic, Biden remarked, “I think that the blinders have sort of been lifted off the American people, and now what they’re witnessing as the consequence of the outright murdering of George Floyd.”

Joe Biden, a former vice president, claimed on Monday that systemic change is necessary to address racial inequities in America and that Americans are “ready in ways they didn’t realize before.” He added that the coronavirus pandemic and the death of a black man while in police custody in Minnesota have exposed those schisms to a new group of people.

During a virtual roundtable with the mayors of St. Paul, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles — four cities rocked by protests over the death of Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who had been detained by Minneapolis police — Biden said, “I think that the blinders have sort of been taken off the American people in this pandemic, and now what they’re seeing as the consequence of the flat killing of George Floyd.”

According to Biden, the pandemic, which has disproportionately afflicted minorities in America, has exposed “institutional vulnerabilities across the board.” The former vice president made the implication that the pandemic may have helped prepare a fresh group of voters for the kinds of systemic changes that he and other Democrats have demanded.

The problems of minorities in America may have roused Americans who had previously been disinterested or complacent, according to Biden.

The gathering, which included three black mayors, nodded as he continued, “I think they have come to see that portion who never thought [of] themselves as being inattentive, or not caring, or having a prejudiced bone in their body all of a sudden are waking up and going, ‘Whoa.'”

The scar is visible, and the Band-Aid has been torn off, he said. “I believe they are prepared to take action.”

The presumed Democratic presidential contender continued by saying that, in his opinion, the new way of thinking would go “far beyond that,” including providing equal access to education and financing to launch a business.

He pointed to front-line workers like grocery store staff, first responders, and healthcare professionals and said, “I think they’re ready in ways they didn’t know previously because they’re looking at who’s been carrying the country on their back.” Biden also brought up allegations that the Paycheck Protection Program, which Congress established to protect small businesses that had been affected by the virus, had made it difficult for minority-owned firms to get financial aid.

The former vice president made it clear on Monday that “we have to build back,” despite Biden having faced criticism early on in his presidential campaign for favoring a return to politics as they were before Trump’s election. We must rebuild more effectively. We are unable to recreate what we once had.

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