Politics cartoons | Should sincerity be important in politics?

Politics cartoons | Should sincerity be important in politics?

Candidates will employ all manner of gimmicks to distinguish out as the number of Democrats running for office in 2020 keeps expanding. Being perceived as real has become even more crucial in the age of social media when people want to get to know politicians on a more personal level. The concept of “authenticity” often comes up throughout election cycles.

Richard Skinner, who holds a Ph.D. in American politics and has written about authenticity for the Brookings Institution and Vox, remarked that it is difficult to define what a “genuine” politician is. Most of the time, individuals only use it as an excuse for supporting or opposing a candidate.

Despite being the son of a president, the grandson of a senator, and possessing degrees from Yale and Harvard institutions, former President George W. Bush was able to project an approachable image as a typical Texas cowboy. Being loyal to one’s character, soul, or personality is characterized as being authentic, and in politics, voters have always seen charismatic white men as the most authentic.

Because the script we have for politicians is a male script, female politicians have a long history of being characterized as cold and stiff, according to Skinner. “Frequently, female candidates feel that they must meet standards that were set for men,”

Voters should anticipate seeing the typical sporting events in ties, photo shoots at New Hampshire diners and plenty of embarrassing social media posts from home as the 2020 contenders develop their campaign strategy.

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