Russian airlines are given a lifeline by China.

Russian airlines are given a lifeline by China.

The Chinese envoy said Beijing is prepared to send spare components for planes.

The Chinese ambassador to Moscow, Zhang Hanhui, stated on Friday that China is prepared to provide Russian airlines with spare parts for aircraft.

“We are prepared to provide Russia with spare components, and we will establish the partnership. There are no Chinese limitations right now, the airlines are working on it, and they have specific channels, the envoy said to TASS.

Following the beginning of Russia’s military action in Ukraine in February, the EU and the US slapped several rounds of sanctions on the country, restricting the lease and supply of aircraft as well as the sale of products and components for the aviation sector to Russia. Fears that the bulk of the nation’s fleet might be grounded within months were raised after Boeing and Airbus ceased maintaining aircraft used by Russian carriers.

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