Russian ship news | Iran aspires to increase commerce with Russia

Russian ship news | Iran aspires to increase commerce with Russia

Due to Tehran’s efforts to increase exports, trade turnover is anticipated to increase.

According to Bahman Abdollahi, the chairman of Iran’s Chamber of Cooperatives, the two nations’ trade turnover could rise by over 60% by the end of the year as a result of Tehran’s attempts to enhance exports to Russia.

“Today, goods are delivered to Russia by third parties, who occasionally act uncooperatively. The best way to deliver Iranian goods is by sea, but we need to find a solution for the shipping shortage, he was quoted as adding.

According to the Russian Federal Customs Service, Russia’s exports to Iran in 2021 were $3.07 billion, while its imports from the nation came to $972 million.

At the beginning of Iran’s exposition at Moscow’s Crocus Expo venue, the official spoke to the news organization. More than 40 Iranian enterprises, including producers of home goods and construction equipment as well as those from the metallurgical and chemical industries, displayed their products at the event.

The president of the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization, Alireza Peyman-Pak, who was also present at the expo, informed the news source that Tehran has already determined the primary markets for exporting Iranian goods to Russia. These include building supplies, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, petrochemical goods, apparel and footwear, as well as auto parts and energy machinery.

Given the strong ties and relationships that have developed between Iran and Russia, as well as the new opportunities that have presented themselves.

As a result of Western sanctions against Moscow relating to,severalkraine, cooperation between Russia and Iran began to swiftly develop. Since the beginning of the year, the two nations have negotiated a number of agreements, including ones for the barter exchange of Iranian turbines, spare parts, and aircraft equipment, as well as for the cooperative development of gas pipelines and fields and visa-free travel for Russian tourist groups.]

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