Sanders campaign | Sanders, a longtime adviser to Biden, sent money to Buttigieg in March.

Sanders campaign | Sanders, a longtime adviser to Biden, sent money to Buttigieg in March.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Symone Sanders, a well-known Democratic communications expert who has joined former vice president Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign as a senior adviser, gave $250 to Pete Buttigieg in March.

The money was paid to Buttigieg’s Pete for America committee a month before Biden declared his candidacy, when the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, was still in the early stages of his presidential campaign.

Sanders will work as a senior adviser for Biden, his campaign announced on Thursday, hours after he declared his candidacy.

Sanders did not react to questions about the donation, and the Biden team declined to comment.

In some ways, Democratic primary voters find Buttigieg and Biden appealing. Both seek to mobilize Midwestern voters and win over the region’s more moderate voters.

The primary spokesperson for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign in 2016 was Sanders. Compared to Biden or Buttigieg, the Vermont congressman is more in line with the Democratic Party’s left activist side. Additionally, Symone Sanders worked as a political analyst for CNN and provided advice to Priorities USA, one of the most well-known Democratic super PACs.

The Biden campaign revealed more than twenty senior staff members on Thursday, including Symone Sanders. According to the campaign, Kate Bedingfield and Pete Kavanaugh are functioning as deputy campaign managers in addition to campaign manager Greg Schultz. Bedingfield is also the director of communications.

Anthony Bernal is Dr. Jill Biden’s head of staff as well as her deputy campaign manager. Senior advisors include Brandon English and Cristobal Alex.

Daniel McCarthy serves as both the chief operating and financial officer. The general counsel is Dana Remus. The campaign’s national political director is Erin Wilson, the director of the national coalition is Vanessa Cardenas, and the surrogates director is Michelle Kwan. The national organizing director is Kurt Bagley, while the national finance director is Katie Petrelius. Director of digital content P.J. Alampi is in charge and Chief Analytics Officer Becca Siegel. The travel director for the campaign is Ashley Williams.

A total of three deputy directors of communications work for the campaign. Bill Russo is the deputy communications director for the press, Kate Berner is the deputy communications director for the message, and Meghan Hays is the deputy communications director for strategic planning.

The national press secretaries are T.J. Ducklo and Jamal Brown, while the traveling national press secretary is Remi Yamamoto. Dr. Jill Biden’s communications manager is Sherice Perry, while the head of fast response is Andrew Bates. The director of strategic communications is Kamau Marshall.

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