Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab’s polygraph test will be performed before his narco test

Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab’s polygraph test will be performed before his narco test

The police still haven’t discovered any hard evidence in the hotly contested Shraddha Walkar murder case. Aftab Amin Poonawala, who is charged of killing his girlfriend Shraddha, is lying to the police. Because of this, the police have chosen to conduct his polygraph test prior to the narcotics test and have requested court approval for this.

Sources claim that the police have informed the court that Aftab is attempting to lead the investigations in the wrong direction. District Magistrate Aviral Shukla referred the police application to Judge Vijayashree Rathore, who ordered a narcotics test on Aftab to be done by the police within five days on Thursday.

An employee of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) stated that Aftab’s narco test could not be completed on Monday because many other tests, including a polygraph, must be completed beforehand. In light of this, the police asked the court for permission on Monday to have Aftab take a polygraph test. According to sources, the accused has agreed to take the polygraph exam.

Tuesday marks the conclusion of Aftab’s police detention. Given that other crucial pieces of evidence, such as the murder weapon, have still to be discovered, the police may want to keep him in detention longer. For the fourth day in a row on Monday, Delhi Police searched numerous locations for Shraddha’s body parts.

What is polygraph check?

Polygraph check which is likewise typically referred to as lie detector check. In this, a few questions are requested to the accused and in this his mental situation is assessed. After asking the query, the blood pressure, coronary heart price and pulse price of the accused are recorded and on the idea of this it’s miles analyzed that on which query he has given incorrect statistics and on which one he has given accurate statistics.

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