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After Firozabad, Viral Fever Havoc in a Village of Mathura

Viral fever has started havoc in Mathura of Firozabad in UP. So far 10 people have lost their lives here due to fever. According to the news agency, viral fever is spreading in Koh village of Mathura.

Unknown fever outbreak in three districts of Uttar Pradesh

The outbreak of unknown fever is increasing in three districts of Uttar Pradesh. The worst condition is of Firozabad. Here 4 people died in the night. This includes three children. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had visited Firozabad on Monday itself. So far, the death toll from this unknown fever in the district has gone up to 45. However, the administration has so far confirmed only 39 deaths.

The Head of Koh Village of Mathura has Confirmed the Death of 10 People Due to Fever.

Admitted to a private hospital in Agra on Tuesday. A child from Koh village had died. After which the death toll increased to 10. Village head Saurabh told that. On Tuesday, Bhura’s 14-year-old son Saurabh died in Agra.

Their Deaths in the Last 24 Hours

Shanya, a one-year-old daughter of Sunil Kumar living in New Ambedkar Colony of Firozabad, Tarun, seven-year-old son of Jai Singh of Nagla Sindhi area, Nikhil, seven-year-old son of Dheeraj Kumar, resident of Chharbagh, Prempal’s daughter Renu died. Gave. All of them had high fever for the past several days. CMO Dr. Neeta Kulshrestha says that he is not aware about these deaths.

Four Deaths in a day on Saturday, More Than 100 Sick

Unknown disease continues to wreak havoc in Saharanpur as well. In every house of Tapri Kala village here, a person is suffering from fever. Last Saturday, four people died here within a day. More than 100 people are admitted in different hospitals. 12 people are undergoing treatment at Higher Center PGI Chandigarh.

Confirming this death. CMO Rachna Gupta told the news agency. That Saurabh had gone to Barsana at his relative’s house on 20th August. Where he was admitted to the hospital in Agra after his health deteriorated. Where he died on 31 August.

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