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Best Decision For America

US President Joe Biden has said that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is the best and right decision for the US to end the 20-year war. He said that there was no longer any reason to continue the war and that it was not in the interest of the American people. He said these things in his address to the nation.

President Biden said that this is the most correct and wisest decision for the US. Biden said, “When I was running for the presidency. So I made a promise to the American people. That I will end this war and today I have fulfilled that promise. He said that America’s mission in Afghanistan was successful.

Biden Claimed

Biden said that no one could do what America did. We have maintained peace in Afghanistan for 20 years. Biden claimed that he evacuated 1.25 million people from Afghanistan. Biden said that we would like to work together with the Afghan coalition. But now the Taliban is in power. Biden said that it should be ensured that the terrorists of Afghanistan do not use the land against us or any other country. We want to keep the world safe.

Who Is The Fourth President In Front Of Whom The Issue Of When and How To End This War Came Up?

“We as a nation have been at war for a very long time. That’s when I heard that we should continue with our lesser efforts, putting our personnel at risk in Afghanistan. So I don’t think most of the people will understand how much we asked from the one percent of the people who wear uniforms of this country while protecting our country. Are ready to put their lives on the line.” He told the countrymen. That the war in Afghanistan is now over. He said that he is the fourth President before whom the issue of when and how to end this war came.

“20 years after the war in Afghanistan, I refuse to send another generation of American sons and daughters to fight such a war,” he said. Which should have ended already.” The US President said, “If you take the number of one trillion dollars. As many are saying, it means that America spent 150 million dollars a day for two decades. I refused to continue a war that did not serve the vital national interest of our people.”

Let us tell you that earlier on August 30, the last batch of American soldiers from Afghanistan left for America from Kabul Airport. After the withdrawal of American troops, the Taliban took full control of Kabul’s international airport. The last plane carrying US troops departed Afghanistan at midnight on Monday, a day ahead of schedule.

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