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BSc students claim bike will run with water instead of petrol

It is claimed to produce such a kit by separating hydrogen and oxygen from water. With the help of which the bike can run 100 km at a cost of only 30 rupees. It has been claimed that five students studying in BSc in Akola designed this kit using lockdown.

Student Yash Jayle told the media that while he was studying in the tenth grade. Till then he used to ride his father’s bike. Until the petrol was exhausted. Because of this, he had to hear a lot of scolding at home and thought that the bike would run with water instead of petrol. After passing 12th, Yash took admission in B.Sc. During the lockdown, Yash and his four friends studying together built a kit that could ride a bike with the help of water.

These four students include Mandar Kalle, Mahesh Ghate, Shantanu Jhakde and Abhijeet Damre. For the use of the kit, they modified the old bike and engine. Hydrogen and oxygen separated gas from salt water. And used it for combustion of pistons.

Yash claims. That there is no pollution from riding a bike with this method. To fulfill his dream, Yash has spent one and a half lakh rupees on this research. Yash says. That if they get help or grant from the government, they can make an advance kit so that people can get a bike kit using this technology at a low cost.

Yash and his colleagues believe that such a bike can travel more safely than petrol and diesel. Carbon gas generated due to the use of petrol and diesel is the major cause of global warming.

Application for patent

Yash has applied to the Controller General of Patents, Design, and Trade Mark to get a patent for the design of his kit. According to Yash’s father, Dr. Srikant Jayale, preparations are being made with the government to get this technology recognized.

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