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Heavy Firing in Kabul There Was Panic Everywhere

The big news from Afghanistan at this time is that there has been heavy firing in Kabul (Gunfire in Kabul City). Intermittent firing continues here. People are in panic because of the firing.

The bloody game of terror continues in Afghanistan.

Warning at Kabul Airport

Meanwhile, America has expressed the possibility of more terrorist attacks at Kabul Airport. America has asked its citizens to move away from near Kabul airport. However, ev

en after the warning, a huge crowd gathered outside the Kabul airport.

Kabul Blast Conspirators Killed

Let us tell you that America has taken its revenge on ISIS-K with

in 36 hours of Kabul attack. The US military has taken major action in Afghanistan. In response to the Kabul blast, the US military carried out airstrikes on ISIS-K positions in Nangarhar province. Has a claim. That the US Army has also killed the conspirators of the Kabul Blast.

The Death Toll in The Kabul Serial Blast Has Exceeded 200

What US President Joe Biden said after the Kabul attack. It has been shown to be completed. After the air strike, America has asked people to withdraw from Kabul airport. At the same time, the death toll in the Kabul serial blasts on August 26 has exceeded 200.

Destroyed The Bases of ISIS Khorasan

In Nangarhar, Afghanistan, the US Air Force destroyed the bases of ISIS Khorasan by conducting an air strike with a drone. This has also been confirmed by the Pentagon, the US Defense Ministry. The US Air Force hurled bombs through Armed UAVs and buried ISIS terrorists in the blink of an eye.

US Claims Mastermind of Kabul Attack Killed in Air Strike

The US has claimed that the mastermind of the . Captain Bill Urban, spokesman for the US Army Central Command, issued a statement saying. That US forces launched an anti-terrorist operation against the ISIS-K planner. An unmanned air strike  carried out in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. There are early indications that we have hit the target. We have not received information about any civilian casualties.



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