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In the Love of a Female Soldier the Young Man killed his wife and two Children

A heart-wrenching incident has happened in Greater Noida, adjacent to Delhi. A man in love with a female policeman killed his wife and two children and buried them in the basement of the house.

The Female Policeman Made Pressure of Marriage and Then killed the wife and Both the Children

There was a triple murder three years ago in the Bisrakh Kotwali area of ​​Greater Noida. Kasganj Police has made this shocking disclosure. Rakesh, a resident of Panch Vihar Colony of the area, killed his wife Ratnesh, daughter Avani and son Arpit and buried the bodies of the three in the basement of the house. The accused carried out the incident in a love affair with the female constable and had also made a pretense of his own death.

Accused Arrested

On Wednesday, the Kasganj police arrested the accused. Tax disclosed the whole matter. To investigate the matter and collect evidence, the Kasganj police had reached Panch Vihar Colony of Bisrakh Kotwali area with the accused. His house was excavated with the help of Bisrakh police. After recovering the bones found in the excavation late at night. The Kasganj police left with the accused.

Wife and two Children Were Missing Since 2018

Additional DCP Central Ankur Aggarwal said that. In February 2018, a father lodged a missing report of his daughter and her two children at police station Bisrakh. Which was later changed to kidnapping.

Such an Open Secret

Actually the accused had murdered his friend on 25 April 2021. Keep his Aadhar card and LIC paper near his dead body. So that the police would know that he himself  murdered. After committing the crime, the accused had started living somewhere by hiding his identity. After the investigation, when his arrest made, he also spilled the secret of killing his wife and two children.

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