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Punjab Hoshiarpur new SSP Issued Orders as Soon as he Took Over

Amneet Kondal, the new SSP of Hoshiarpur in Punjab, has issued an order for women police employees as soon as she takes over her post. About which he is in a lot of discussion.

Order to Come on Duty Only after Making a Bunny

Hoshiarpur. Women employees posted in the police will not be allowed to make hairstyles. SSP Amneet Kaundal has ordered all the women police personnel to come on duty by making a bun of hair keeping in mind the decorum of the uniform. Due to this decree of SSP Hoshiarpur, women employees are in a quandary. No hairstyle will go with a uniform. Women employees  required to wear a black net over the juda and the bun.

it is Necessary to Make a Bun

All the female employees will have to tie the hair in style and it will be necessary to keep it with a net. If any female employee is found violating the service rules as per the pattern, then strict action  taken against her. Regarding which SSP Hoshiarpur Amneet Kondal made it clear that this rule is for everyone and being a woman, she also follows this rule.

I Have not Created Anything New – SSP

SSP Amneet Kondal said that, “Being the head of the district, I have issued these orders to my force. We are all told the pattern of uniform in training and whatever our norms are, they have to be followed. After coming, I felt that there  a need to improve these things. That’s why I have issued these orders with this intention. I have issued these orders for the battle of force. This is not a new thing and everyone knows that This should be followed. I think all the employees will take it positive. All the response I have received so far is positive from the women employees. This is not a new thing which I have released.

Along with this it said in the order that If any female employee found violating it. Then departmental action taken against him. He has given this order in a letter number 57434/78 issued on August 28. Earlier, women police personnel were present on duty by making hair in any way. SSP Hoshiarpur Amneet Kaundal taking strong notice. Orders  issued to women to keep in mind the decorum of the uniform.

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