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Rohtak Murder Case Murder Of Parents Sister And Nani Read Inside Story

Rohtak Police has made a big disclosure in the case of murder of four people of a family in Rohtak, Haryana, 6 days ago. This heinous crime not committed by any criminal, but by the son. Who killed his parents, sister and grandmother. The accused son Abhishek alias Monu has arrested by the police. During interrogation, he confessed the crime and spilled the secret. Read why the son ended the whole family.

Sister Knew About Monu’s Wrong Conduct

On 27 AUGUST at Vijay Nagar, Jhajjar octroi, Rohtak city. Bablu Pehalwan, his wife Babli, mother-in-law Roshni and daughter Tamannaah shot dead in the house itself. Tension in the family, Abhishek alias Monu’s personal issue, money and property dispute has been behind the murder. According to Monu, his sister was aware of his wrong conduct. Monu also angry that his father had transferred all the property to his sister. Police claim that only Abhishek has been arrested so far. How he carried out the crime, it will be revealed soon. The police is busy connecting the rest of the links in the case. At present, no criminal record of Monu has been found in the police records.

Not Paying 5 Lakh Rupees Also Became A Big Reason For The Incident

Abhishek revealed that he had been demanding Rs 5 lakh from the family including his father for the past several days. When the family wanted to know the reason about the need for a large amount. So he talked about paying the fees and giving it to friends. Abhishek was repeatedly asking for money at home under various excuses. After this, the family members tried to know at their level why son Monu needed so much money.

So it came to light that he would misuse these money. The father scolded and the sister and mother also gave strong words of advice. Nani was also constantly trying to convince him. This was also a major reason behind the massacre on August 27. He shot three bullets at his father Bablu. After the first shot, there was some movement in Bablu’s body, so he fired two more.

Dead Bodies

Please inform that after the murder, the police arrested and interrogated four conciliators. But no one confessed to the crime, then the police suspected the son. and detained him on Monday. He was interrogated for 3 days, but he kept misleading the police by giving different statements. On Wednesday morning he broke down and spilled the whole truth.

During police interrogation, accused Abhishek Monu told that after the incident, he had gone to a hotel to party with friends. Friends ordered a lot of food and drink but not even a morsel swallowed. During the remand, the police will try to know the links related to the whole case including the weapon used in the crime from the accused.

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