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Taliban First Statement After Occupation

The Taliban have taken control of Kabul airport after the end of the US military operation in Afghanistan. The Taliban said in a press conference that this is a victory for all of us. A Taliban spokesman said the Taliban wanted good relations with the United States.Earlier, a day before the deadline of Aug

ust 31, American troops evacuated Kabul Airport. And the last plane carrying American troops took off from Kabul. After this the Taliban captured Kabul airport and the Taliban opened fire during the celebration.

Our Military Presence of 20 Years Ended

On the other hand, US President Biden said. Now, our 20-year-old military presence in Afghanistan is over. He thanked the armed forces for the safe withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan within the time limit (31 August). did. Biden said he would address the nation on Tuesday.

For now, I would just like to mention this. That all the Joint Chiefs on the ground and all our commanders had unanimously recommended our operation to go as planned. It was his idea. That completing our military campaign is the best way to protect the lives of our soldiers and strengthen the chances of those willing to leave Afghanistan in the coming weeks and months.

The president said he has asked the Secretary of State to continue coordinating with America’s international allies. To ensure safe passage for any American. Afghan allies and foreign citizens want to leave the war-torn country.

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