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Those 5 Soldiers who beat Pakistan in the Kargil war

India had to pay a huge price for the Kargil war. But in front of the bravery which the Indian soldiers introduced in the battlefield. The Pakistani army was seen running away with its tail folded.

It has been 22 years since India’s victory in the fight against Pakistani infiltrators fought in Kargil. This battle of Kargil was fought for 2 months. And the Indian Army named this battle as Operation Vijay. India got victory in Kargil on 26 July. That’s why every year it is celebrated as ‘Victory Day’. Let us know today. About the five Indian soldiers who played an important role in the Kargil war.

1-Rajesh Officer:

On 14 May 1999, Major Rajesh Adhikari was centrally leading the three 10-member teams. Those who were trying to capture the bunker built in Tololing at an altitude of 16 thousand feet. During this, machine guns directly attacked them from the side of the enemies. During this, he  seriously injured in fierce enemy firing. Despite this, he continued to instruct his soldiers and refused to withdraw from the front. He died on 15 May. He was the second army officer to be martyred in the Kargil war.

Balwan Singh of 2-18 Grenadiers:

To get rid of the inaccessible places from Pakistani soldiers and infiltrators. Indian soldiers had to face a lot of difficulties. But, in front of the valor of Indian soldiers, Pakistan surrendered. And ran away saving his life. These brave Indians are one of the warriors. Lt. Balwan Singh of 18 Grenadiers to reach the top of the hill at the age of 25. Traveled through rough roads on a 12-hour journey and led the deadly platoon troops. Balwan Singh said that I also got shot. But we did not give up and drove the Pakistani army from Tiger Hill and hoisted the flag there.

3- Captain Vikram Batra:

Captain Vikram Batra set such an example of valor in the battle of Kargil. Whose iron  also accepted by Pakistan and he awarded the name of ‘Sher Shah’. 13 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles of Palampur, a small town in Himachal Pradesh. Captain Vikram Batra did a soft drink advertisement ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’. Changing the tagline. Immortalized himself, this brave soldier standing on the front had single-handedly killed many enemies. Despite being injured in the fierce firing from the front. Vikram Batra attacked the peak number 4875 with his delta detachment, son Vikram Batra was martyred on the morning of 7 July.

4-Captain Saurabh Kalia:

When a shepherd named Tashi Namgyal took Kargil to the peaks. Saw some Pakistani intruder. After this, on May 14, Captain Saurabh Kalia went on patrol taking 5 soldiers with him. Due to the presence of a large number of Pakistani soldiers. Enemies surrounded Captain Saurabh Kalia and the rest of his companions. Despite a lot of efforts from the enemies, they could not get a single word out of Captain Kalia. After that 22 days after being treated with vandalism, the body of Captain Saurabh Kalia  handed over.

5-hero Digendra Kumar:

During the battle of Kargil fought for two months. The first victory  given by Naik Digendra Kumar. What  the name given to the operation started by the Indian Army to get back its land during the Battle of Kargil? At the same time, Major Anwar Khan of Pakistan Army suddenly came in front of Naik Digendra. That’s how Major Khan came face to face. Naik Digendra Kumar immediately jumped and caught him. And cut the neck of Anwar Khan with his deagle. On 13 June 1999, Nayak Digendra climbed the hill of Tololing at 4 in the morning. Indian flag waved This was the first victory for India of Operation Vijay. He awarded the Mahavir Chakra for his immense courage and valor.

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