Spanish language| Ad for Biden in Spanish turns into a “hot mess”

Spanish language| Ad for Biden in Spanish turns into a “hot mess”

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s supporters shot a Spanish-language ad in South Florida over the weekend in preparation for his anticipated presidential campaign announcement, highlighting health care, education, and his background.

The film filming on Saturday was kept under wraps; paid local performers signed nondisclosure agreements pledging not to talk about their work. Even so, some people shared photos of the Fort Lauderdale advertisement on social media, which sparked a barrage of emails threatening legal action and pleading with everyone involved to remove any photos from the shoot and refrain from speaking to the media.

A Monday email to the actors, which POLITICO was able to receive, stated that “We are in a hot situation with campaign and client since someone released tape.” According to the email, “some mums snapping photo/video of their kids while they were being filmed,” was how the footage was obtained.

When questioned about the ad shot on Monday, Biden’s spokesman Bill Russo responded that his staff “wouldn’t comment on it.” It was unclear whether Biden’s American Possibilities campaign committee, another organization, or neither was responsible for the advertisement.

Offers from potential campaign staffers have been taken, and a state chairman is in the works. Biden is anticipated to make his announcement around Easter Sunday. However, backers of the former vice president warned that nothing is official until he or she makes the ultimate decision.

The second Biden-related ad shoot in as many weeks took place in South Florida: In Scranton, Pennsylvania, on April 4, Biden was seen filming in front of his childhood home.

The Spanish-language advertisement, which was filmed in Florida, demonstrates how seriously Biden will pursue the expanding Latino vote, which is significant in early states Nevada on February 20 and California, whose primary was moved up to March 3. Florida is the largest swing state in the US even though its primary isn’t until March 17.

A person with knowledge of South Florida shot on Saturday claimed that a wide variety of local Spanish-language actors were utilized for the commercial. While squatting in front of a green screen, actors recite Spanish words like “faith” and “opportunity” without using a script. The source added that the advertisement had a discussion of health care and education and featured pictures of President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential contender.

One of the actors found it difficult to pronounce Biden’s name, so the cast and crew came up with the solution of having her refer to Biden as “To Joe,” the Spanish translation of his endearing moniker.

An announcement from a group working as a middleman between the talent agency and what it referred to as “the campaign and client” was included in the email addressed to the South Florida actors on Monday.

This statement bemoaned the fact that “photos/videos from our political shoot on Saturday got leaked. We made everyone sign an NDA since this is a VERY SERIOUS issue.

The request that anyone “PLEASE DELETE” any photos they took on set and a request that people “DO NOT COMMENT” if they are contacted by the press were all highlighted in red font along with the words “VERY SERIOUS.”

The email stated that “legal action can arise” if “discovered photographs or films were shared after signing the NDA.”

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