Sport news | Chinese restaurant in Aberdeen will pay a £10k gas bill.

A Chinese takeaway in Aberdeen has been hit with a £10,000 gas bill – 10 times more than what they would usually owe.

The typical quarterly gas expense for owner Martin Tang at Royal Crown is in the neighborhood of £1,000.

His electrical bill often costs around the same amount, but this quarter it came to much than £4,000.

Energy provider SSE has reached out to Mr. Tang to find a resolution because he worries that the company might have to close.

According to Mr. Tang, the business is constantly losing money while they cook, thus the price increase may result in worker layoffs.

Residents of Aberdeen have been served by the takeaway since the 1980s.

‘Shocked me to my core

For 18 years, Mr. Tang worked in the company as a manager before becoming the owner.

He admitted to BBC Scotland that he won’t be able to afford the prices his energy provider is asking.

He stated: “It’s always close to or slightly higher than a thousand.

“But the one I just got on Saturday, on top of the £4,000 new power bill I got last week, was like a bombshell.

“I have no means of finding the extra £12k to cover this quarter as a small firm.

This honestly shook me to my core because I already have high blood pressure.

The takeaway only operates five evenings a week, and Mr. Tang claimed he will open this week to use up any remaining fresh supply before bidding his patrons farewell.

He stated: “I lose money each time I switch on a stove to prepare food.

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