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Cricket South Africa rejected formal Australia offer to host Test series

Cricket South Africa declined a formal offer from Cricket Australia to play the Test series in Australia next month. CA interim chief executive Nick Hawley confirmed discussions of the Australia scenario as he pointed out.

There was discussion between the two boards about potentially moving the series to Australia in the Indian Ocean, especially to play it in Perth, where South Africa have enjoyed a strong record of success for a long time.

However, Hawkley reported that the CSA argued the extra time and money needed to stage the series in Australia would make it impossible for South Africa to meet a range of other commitments. Negotiations around a neutral venue such as the UAE were also shot for similar reasons.

So of course we made a formal offer to the host and CSA, which we fully respect.

We did not explore [neutral locations] in too much detail, if you think of a neutral site. Has continued to work equally hard. But we have come to a point where people were starting to reduce costs.

Where people were starting to reduce costs, –Departure protocols and preparations enter the bio-environmental environment in South Africa. I think we gave ourselves every shot, we could not leave it later, there is no guarantee that Australia will be able to travel to Britain for the finals.

Nick Hockley said, “We all knew the rules so we wouldn’t follow up with the ICC, but this is just one more reason why not being able tour is so frustrating.”

That we qualify for the Test Championship which is now out of our hands. On other results, then we have to look at the situation at that time. Kovid-19’s. He also acknowledged the anger with which the CA’s call was received by CSA.

South Africa has very sadly hit the peak of its second wave, and then the second thing is that we have more viral stress, which is still unknown to many. As we have worked through residual risk. If we wanted to get a case around some questions and challenges, how and when we can bring our players back home.

Taking the advice of medical experts and making health and safety absolutely number 1, we are really no longer an option.

He said, “We have talked to the players’ union, I have spoken to the coach … The players are disappointed, they want to play cricket, they want to appear in the World Test Championship, they want to play Test cricket.

“I think the response – obviously we’ve talked to our counterparts at length – I think the feedback from the CSA is completely understandable and given the power we strive to take this tour forward Share their disappointment. ”

CA had made money before cricket, thus far only playing international series against England and India (they are also due for the T20I due to tour New Zealand later this month) postponing every other scheduled match. Hockley was blunt in his report.

I can say that we play every ball based on its quality. We have learned a fortune since we started. We have found the best medical advisors, everyone is very adept at protocols and in risk assessment and unfortunately in South Africa at the present time we have been presente with only one risk profile that we have encountere to date. Much more than cheese. “

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