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Sumit Antil wins Gold With World Record

Monday has been a very special day for India in the Tokyo Paralympics. At the beginning of the day, where Avani Lakheda won the gold medal in the 10m Air Rifle SH1. So by the end of the evening, in javelin throw, Sumit Antil put a second gold medal in India’s bag with a new world record in javelin throw.


Sumit had come to represent India in the F64 final category. Earlier in the morning, in the AF 46 event of Javelin Throw, Devendra Jhajharia and Sunder Singh Gurjar won silver and bronze medals respectively.

New World Record

But the distance javelin thrown by Sumit Antil in his event in the evening, he made both the new world record and the gold medal in India’s name. Sumit Antil made a world record thrice during this period. He created a new world record by throwing 66.95 meters for the first time, 68.08 meters for the second time and then 68.55 meters for the 5th and last time. Due to this gold medal of Sumit, India’s total number of medals has gone up to 7.

22-year-old Sumit Antil had achieved this new world record in his second attempt. Which he broke in his 5th and final attempt of this competition and set another new world record here. Sumit again made this record by throwing a javelin of 68.55 meters away.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congratulated

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also congratulated Sumit for his success. PM wrote in his tweet. Our athletes continue to shine in the Paralympics. The nation is proud of Sumit Antil’s record breaking performance in Paralympics. Congratulations Sumit for winning this important gold medal. Best wishes for the future.


The distance of 5 times that Sumit Antil threw the javelin was recorded as follows. It is.- 66.95 m., 68.08 m., 65.27 m., 66.71 m., 68.55 m. Apart from Sumit, there was also Sandeep in this competition from India. Those who threw the javelin of their season best distance here were able to throw a javelin of 62.20 meters. Sandeep finished fourth and missed out on the bronze medal by almost 3 meters.

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