Sports | Thiago Silva of Chelsea expresses the desire to reunite with Neymar in transfer news

Sports | Thiago Silva of Chelsea expresses the desire to reunite with Neymar in transfer news

The Brazilian combo of Thiago Silva and Neymar are planning to reunite in the upcoming season, according to a significant transfer market update. Given the uncertainty surrounding Neymar’s future at Paris Saint-Germain, a Chelsea defender is reportedly keen to welcome the striker to the London-based club (PSG). Silva and Neymar previously shared a locker room while they were PSG teammates.

By a GOAL report, the French soccer team will only release Neymar during the current summer transfer window provided they receive a legitimate offer. Neymar is rumored to be reluctant to depart from the Ligue 1 champions, though.

He needs to travel to Chelsea. He needs to go there if he’s about to depart [PSG]. The anticipation is the best one that can be held if it materializes. Neymar’s skill needn’t even be discussed. In addition, he is a fantastic friend, Silva told Globo.

The 37-year-old center-back continued, “I hope this occurs rather than just being something on the news, but I don’t know anything about it.”

Neymar’s failure to win the Champions League is thought to have greatly disappointed PSG club management. Furthermore, according to the GOAL article, his attitude has also drawn criticism from other members of the team. Following PSG’s elimination from the Champions League at the hands of champions Real Madrid, PSG fans were also seen booing Neymar.

One of the very few teams in the world that can afford Neymar is reportedly Chelsea. The international teammate expressed interest in playing alongside his former teammate at the club level as a result of their willingness to sign a winger in the transfer market.

Neymar transferred from the Brazilian football team Santos to Barcelona in 2013. With 105 goals under his belt, he played 186 times in the Barca uniform. Before the 2017–18 campaign, Neymar committed to PSG. He has currently played 144 games for PSG and has 100 goals to his credit.

Silva, on the other hand, played in 315 games for PSG. He signed up for the club in Paris back in 2012. He signed on as a free agent with London club Chelsea in 2020. Silva has currently appeared in 82 games for the English Premier League team.

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