State governor| A former governor of North Carolina is anticipated to run for senator this week.

State governor| A former governor of North Carolina is anticipated to run for senator this week.

Pat McCrory, who was removed from office as governor in 2016, plans to run to succeed retiring Sen. Richard Burr.

According to those familiar with his plans, Pat McCrory, the former Republican governor of North Carolina, intends to begin his campaign this week for the available Senate seat in the state.

The former governor, who was elected in 2012 and unsuccessfully ran for reelection in 2016, will start the primary as the early favorite to succeed retiring GOP Sen. Richard Burr.

Although McCrory has been anticipated to run for the Senate for months, he hasn’t officially stated that a choice has been made. According to a person familiar with his plans, he’s been putting together a state and the national team for the campaign and is scheduled to officially launch it this week.

North Carolina is a crucial state for Republicans to hold on to retake the Senate majority from Democrats, who currently hold a 50-50 majority with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking ties. North Carolina is predicted to be one of the most costly contests in the nation next year.

The only significant Republican contender in the race so far is former Rep. Mark Walker, who has been building up his support since announcing his campaign in December. Representative Ted Budd is also pondering a run. The campaign consultant and daughter-in-law of the former president of the United States, Lara Trump, has stated she is considering running for office in her home state of North Carolina but has not yet made any public moves toward doing so.

According to a copy of the polling report acquired by POLITICO, recent polling conducted for McCrory indicates he would join the race with a significant lead over Walker and Budd as well as exceptionally high name recognition among prospective Republican primary voters. His strong name ID and an early advantage in a potential primary contest are not advantages.

Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies conducted the poll, and the note was sent to McCrory and Paul Shumaker, a seasoned Republican operative in the region who has worked with Sens. Thom Tillis and Robert Burr (R-N.C.). Shumaker declined to comment when reached on Monday.

According to the document, McCrory was seen favorably by 58% of prospective primary voters and adversely by 13%. GOP voters had a favorable opinion of Walker (20%) and an unfavorable opinion of 4%; Budd had a favorable opinion of 16% and an unfavorable opinion of 5%.

In a hypothetical three-way race, McCrory received nearly half of the vote (48%) compared to Walker’s 13% and Budd’s 9%. The one-on-one competitions were also won by him. Lara Trump wasn’t mentioned in the polling memorandum.

500 probable GOP primary voters were questioned by interactive voice response in the poll, which had a 4.4 percentage point margin of error, between April 6 and 8.

After failing to defeat Tillis in the election of last November, Democrats are actively running for the seat. State Senator Jeff Jackson and former State Senator Erica Smith are the only candidates so far. Former Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court Cheri Beasley is anticipated to run and may shortly begin a campaign, while former NASA astronaut Joan Higginbotham, who has never run for office,

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