The Ex-Factor, a Tom Cruise co-star that was omitted from the Montage at Cannes 2022

The Ex-Factor, a Tom Cruise co-star that was omitted from the Montage at Cannes 2022

No prizes for figuring out who it was in Cannes 2022—her ex-wife Nicole Kidman

The montage that was presented at the Cannes Film Festival included several of the co-stars of Tom Cruise’s many movies from his wide résumé. But one stood out by her absence, as reported by Variety. Even though all three of their movies were successful, Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise’s wife of 11 years, did not appear in any of the footage from those movies. a part of the 10-minute montage honoring Tom’s creative output. While filming Day Of Thunder in 1990, Nicole and Tom were engaged and wed the following year. Before getting divorced in 2001, they acted together in the movies Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut. The montage’s footage showed Tom in his solo moments from the movies, like his driving in Days of Thunder, riding a horse in Far and Away, and taking off a mask in Eyes Wide Shut.

Nicole seems to be the lone co-star in the montage, which was shown before the opening of Tom Cruise’s newest movie Top Gun: Maverick. According to Variety, additional performers who shared screen time with Tom were included in the other movie snippets, including Dustin Hoffman from Rain Man, Renee Zellweger from Jerry Maguire, Kirsten Dunst from Interview with a Vampire, and even Penelope Cruz’s ex-girlfriend from Vanilla Sky.

However, during a question-and-answer session at a Masterclass later on during the festival, Tom Cruise did bring up Nicole Kidman. In response to a question regarding a gruesome sequence in Eyes Wide Shut, he stated, “We worked jointly to find the tone: (director Stanley Kubrick), Nic, and I,” according to Variety.

At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where he received an honorary Palme d’Or, Tom Cruise was very much the center of attention. Additionally, he was given the most regal welcome as French Air Force jets flew across the sky. Tom once again plays US Navy pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the sequel to the 1986 movie that launched him to stardom, Top Gun: Maverick.

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