Today’s headlines | China’s problems the US warned about during Cold War

Today’s headlines | China’s problems the US warned about during Cold War

Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that Washington’s perspective of China is “wrong” and that Beijing should not be seen as a competition.

After meeting with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on Monday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that a Cold War between China and the US would be a “catastrophe” for both nations and the entire globe.

Wang Yi called Kissinger, who was instrumental in mending fences between Washington and Beijing in the 1970s, a “good friend of the Chinese people” when they met in New York.

Beijing’s top diplomat, however, issued a warning, saying that “the start of a new Cold War will be a calamity for China and the US, as well as other regions of the world,” and urged Washington to take a reasonable and practical approach to China.

The minister said that under the “One China” policy, Washington could do this by upholding its earlier recognition of China’s contention that Taiwan is a part of its territory.

Wang Yi claimed that both Nancy Pelosi’s recent trip to the island and the Taiwan Policy Act 2022 passed by the US Congress were bad for relations between China and the US. The latter plan, which received support from the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, promises to give Taipei billions of dollars in security aid.

The US, according to Wang, has “a false image of China,” considering it to be “its most visible opponent and a long-term challenger.”

“Some people even characterized positive China-US interaction stories as failures. They show neither respect for history nor themselves by doing this, the statement said.

China’s “best wish” is for peaceful reunification with Taiwan, Wang declared, adding that Beijing would do all efforts to make this happen. But he said that the chance of a peaceful solution diminishing as Taiwan’s independence-affirming efforts become more “rampant”

His remarks follow US President Joe Biden’s declaration on Sunday that American forces would defend Taiwan if China invaded it. Beijing expressed its displeasure at this declaration, stating that it “strongly opposes” it.

Since 1949, when nationalist troops under Chiang Kai-shek withdrew to the island after losing the civil war to the Communists, Taiwan has been self-governing. Since the 1970s, the US government has acknowledged but not accepted China’s sovereignty over Taiwan.

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