Trumps florida | Gillum responds to Trump after the president refers to him as “a thief”

Trumps florida | Gillum responds to Trump after the president refers to him as “a thief”

Andrew Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee and candidate for governor of Florida, retaliated against President Donald Trump on Monday after the latter referred to Gillum as a “thief” in a divisive tweet.

“In Florida, there is a choice between @RonDeSantisFL, a Harvard/Yale educated man who has been a wonderful Congressman and will be a great Governor, and a Democrat who is a thief and the Mayor of poorly run Tallahassee, which is rumored to be one of the most corrupt cities in the country.” Trump posted a tweet on Monday morning without offering any supporting documentation.

“On Twitter, you may decide whether you have the guts to @ the person you are insulting. Trump is howling because he is incapable. Florida, cast your vote now.

One of several elections that will be broadcast nationally this November is the contest for governor of Florida. Since Gillum is the first black candidate for governor of Florida from a major party, issues of race and corruption have played a significant role in the election.

Trump’s remark comes as Tallahassee is the subject of a federal corruption investigation, and DeSantis has regularly accused Gillum of improperly accepting gifts while serving as mayor.

DeSantis has been charged with using subliminal racial slurs during his campaign, and Gillum has charged Republicans with using racist slurs to link him to the corruption investigation.

DeSantis has also been under fire for not disclosing all documents about the more than $145,000 in government funds that he used to pay for travel while serving as a congressman, according to the Naples Daily News.

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