Two people have already died as a result of the mudslide in Italy.

Two people have already died as a result of the mudslide in Italy.

MADRID (AP) — As they combed through muck for a second day on Sunday in search of individuals still unaccounted for following a massive landslide on the Italian vacation island of Ischia, rescue crews discovered the death of a small girl inside her family’s home.

Following the Saturday retrieval of a 31-year-old woman’s body from the island, the Naples prefect acknowledged that the tragedy’s death toll had increased to two.

In the harbour city of Casamicciola, a further 10 persons were still unaccounted for and believed to be buried under mud and rubble.

According to the spokesperson for the Italian firemen, Luca Cari, “Mud and water try to cover every place.” Even if it is extremely tough, “our teams are looking with optimism.”

He said, “Our greatest hope is that those who have been reported missing have sought safety with family and friends and have not disclosed their whereabouts.

Landslides continued to pose a concern in the town’s highest point, close to where persistent rains soften a section of the slope, making it necessary for search crews to enter on foot, he added.

While diving teams were sent in to inspect automobiles that had been forced into the water, small bulldozers worked overnight to clear roadways so that rescue trucks could pass.

Giacomo Pascale, the mayor of the nearby hamlet of Lacco Ameno, told RAI, “We are continuing the search with our hearts torn since among the missing are also youngsters.

During the customary Sunday blessing in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis underlined his connection to the inhabitants of Ischia. He stated, “I’m praying for the casualties, for the people who are suffering, and for the people who are helping with the rescue.

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