UK news | Rising gas costs in the UK

UK news | Rising gas costs in the UK

The average automobile now costs £100 to fill with gas.

According to data compiled by the roadside assistance business RAC, the cost of filling up a typical family car with gas has increased to over £100 ($125). This indicates that the cost of fuel in Britain is continuing to climb.

According to the driving organization, the cost to fill a 55-liter family car’s tank with diesel has increased to £103.43 ($129.75).

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams was quoted by the BBC as saying, “While gasoline prices have been setting new records daily, consumers up and down the country may never have anticipated seeing the cost of fueling an average-sized family car exceed three figures.”

Tuesday marked the largest daily increase in petrol prices in the UK in 17 years, rising by more than two pence per liter, while average diesel prices increased by 1.4 pence from the previous day.

Fuel costs in the UK have lately increased as a result of skyrocketing worldwide prices and the nation’s intentions to lessen its reliance on Russia, one of the major oil exporters in the world.

The UK’s chancellor of the exchequer, Rishi Sunak, launched a £15 billion ($18.8 billion) package of measures to assist households with the cost of living at the end of May. In addition to the current headline tax rate of 40 percent, the British government has added a 25 percent windfall tax on energy company earnings, bringing the total rate of tax on profits to 65 percent.

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