Uk pm | Ex-PM warns that the UK is seeing Dickens-style poverty

Uk pm | Ex-PM warns that the UK is seeing Dickens-style poverty

Gordon Brown has urged the government to approve an emergency budget due to the rising cost of fuel.

Gordon Brown, a former UK prime minister, said on Saturday that people in Britain are facing “a winter of severe hardship” due to rising energy prices and urged the government to approve an emergency budget.

The Labour lawmaker claims that “35 million individuals in 13 million households – an astounding 49.6% of the population of the United Kingdom” will be at risk of fuel poverty in October as a result of the ongoing increase in gasoline costs. “There is nothing right about apathetic authorities sentencing millions of innocent and blameless children and elderly to a winter of extreme poverty,” he continued, describing the situation as a “financial timebomb.”

Because of this, Brown emphasized that the incoming prime minister, Boris Johnson, the Tory leadership hopefuls, Liz Truss, and former Chancellor Rishi Sunak, “must this week approve an emergency budget.”

If they don’t, the legislature should be brought back into session to make them. If nothing is done, he continued, another increase in fuel prices in January will push 54% of the population into fuel poverty.

The former prime minister claimed the images of malnourished children, retirees who had to decide whether to fuel their energy, eters or themselves and nurses who had to “line up at their food bank” in his county of Fife, Scotland, reminded him of stories he had read from the 1930s.

According to Brown, poverty is “striking so hard” that charities are unable to lessen people’s burdens. He also stated that Britain is producing a generation of young boys and girls who are “left out,” and whose childhoods “are beginning to resemble terrible scenes from a Dickens novel.” “Renew the child poverty reduction target this government cruelly removed,” the former prime minister vowed to fight.

His somberBefore foreboding of “dire poverty” matches Truss’ recent comments about the “difficult winter” Britain is currently experiencing.

The Bank of England’s most recent report predicts that while GDP growth is decreasing, inflation will jump to 13% in October.

The regulator declared that “the United Kingdom is now anticipated to enter recession from the fourth quarter of this year.”

From October on, the usual annual home fuel cost is anticipated to increase to over £3,500, which is three times higher than the previous year. According to the Bank of England, real household post-tax income “is predicted to fall considerably in 2022 and 2023, while consumption growth turns negative.”

The sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine conflict and a drop in Russian natural gas supplies have made the energy crisis in Europe worse. Despite not being directly reliant on Moscow for fuel, the UK continues to struggle with growing energy and cost of living costs.

Before the Russia-Ukraine war, British consumers experienced significant growth. The price cap set by energy regulator Ofgem in early February increased by 54% from the previous rate when it took effect in April.

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