UK queen | Queen Elizabeth II smiled as she strolled through the cobblestones.

UK queen | Queen Elizabeth II smiled as she strolled through the cobblestones.

According to actor Antony Cotton, the Queen handled the treacherous cobbles during her visit to Coronation Street with ease.

In July 2021, Her Majesty took a stroll along the most renowned street in the area to mark the soap’s 60th anniversary. The show has been a staple of British culture for the majority of the Queen’s reign.

The Queen had “navigated the terrain successfully,” according to Cotton, who has been portraying Sean Tully in the soap opera since 2003.

She had been “laughing [and] having a laugh and joking,” he recounted.

Her Majesty received a tour of the ITV drama studios in Trafford, Greater Manchester, during the visit, which also included a stop at the Rovers Return bar.

Before the drama moved to Trafford in 2013, the Queen had previously visited Coronation Street at its original Manchester studios in 1982.

Cotton, who has had several encounters with Her Majesty, told BBC Radio Manchester that he would never forget the Queen’s “amazing gift.”

He explained that the Queen “gets you talking about your experience.”

She was a people person, which is why she had the gift of meeting a lot of people.

He remembered how the Queen “glided into the room” when he first met her.

Because of her iconic status and ability to instantly put people at ease, he continued, “She had that capacity. Everyone was grinning.”

Everyone in the room was grinning, describing it as “an outstanding present.”

Bill Roache, a fellow Coronation Street actor, remarked on his interactions with the Queen over the years and said that she made you feel like “the only person in her world.”

The 90-year-old, who is most remembered for her role as Ken Barlow in the ITV soap opera, remembers having personal encounters with the late monarch as well as her two trips to Weatherfield.

He remarked, “What was so amazing about her was this readiness to grin, and you felt she wanted to laugh and had a beautiful chuckle,” while making an appearance on This Morning.

The actor remarked, “Her sense of happiness was what I enjoyed,” and he continued, “She is incredible. You feel like the only person in her life when you are with her.”

Following the news of her passing on Thursday, he acknowledged feeling a “huge sense of personal grief.”

It’s a very odd feeling, but it’s like a member of your family has passed away. King Charles is now, though, and he’s just as warm.

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