UK queen | Swindon artist receives one of the monarch’s “final letters” from Queen Elizabeth II

UK queen | Swindon artist receives one of the monarch’s “final letters” from Queen Elizabeth II

An artist who thinks she might be among the very last to have received a letter from the Queen claimed she sobbed when it did so.

In honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Swindon artist Judy Guillery created a portrait of the monarch and delivered it to Buckingham Palace in April.

She claimed she had expected a reward but was surprised when a letter showed her two days after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

I feel incredibly honored, she continued.

The Queen received a copy of the portrait, according to Mrs. Guillery, “with the hope that it may suit her.”

The day the Queen passed away, September 8, was used to stamp the thank-you note.

Before even opening the envelope, Mrs. Guillery remarked, “I started crying as soon as I noticed what it was.”

“The emotions her passing has triggered have taken me off guard, and then this happened, and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I can only hope that my letter photo reached her at some time and made her smile, even though I know it came from the Palace. I will always be grateful for this acknowledgment.

The Queen expresses gratitude to Mrs. Guillery for her “warm message” in the letter.

Mrs. Guillery was working on another image of the Queen when she received the letter of appreciation while she was trying to comprehend the news of the Queen’s passing.

It seemed to provide some sort of finality or closure, according to Mrs. Guillery.

“I have always held high admiration for the Queen, she has been a stable, calm presence throughout my life and a significant part of what it means to me to be British,” she continued on her Facebook page.

She served as our model and standard, and I am saddened by our loss as a group.

More than 1.8 million people have watched a video of the artist opening a letter that she posted on TikTok.

Everyone is grieving the loss, according to the messages I received from all around the world, said Mrs. Guillery.

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