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According to the NYT, American diplomats assert that Russia is looking for buyers for food stolen from Ukraine.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that the United States has accused the Kremlin of attempting to make money off of grain stolen from Ukraine by selling it to drought-stricken nations in Africa.

The newspaper claims that the US alerted 14 countries, largely in Africa, in mid-May that Russian cargo ships were departing Ukrainian port cities with cargo that the State Department cable referred to as “stolen Ukrainian grain.”

Washington echoed the Ukrainian government’s claim that since the commencement of its military campaign, Russia has taken up to 500,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat, valued at $100 million. According to Kyiv, a large portion of it was transported by truck to ports in Russian Crimea before being loaded onto ships, some of which were subject to Western sanctions.

The journal claims that African nations are currently dealing with a serious food crisis and that “the American alarm about the grain has only heightened the issue for African countries, many of whom already feel stuck between East and West.”

Russia and Ukraine, two significant global producers of bread, typically provide 40% of the wheat used in Africa, where wheat prices had increased 23% over the previous year.

As food prices around the world increase, the United Nations has issued a warning that the continent is experiencing the worst starvation in decades.

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