What will the IRS do with all of its new money, worth $80 billion?

What will the IRS do with all of its new money, worth $80 billion?

Between now and the November election, you’ll hear a lot of talk about the IRS receiving a sizable sum of money.

Republicans enjoy attacking the tax man, and some of them have already turned up the rhetoric.

Republicans are now portraying the IRS as being teeming with thugs ready to harass regular Americans, despite the fact that the agency has long been accused for failing to perform basic tasks like promptly process returns and respond to taxpayers’ inquiries. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), a veteran tax writer, warned of the possibility of an IRS “strike team that goes in with AK-15s already armed, ready to shoot some tiny businessperson in Iowa” in an interview with Fox News.

Ron Wyden, the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, stated, “It’s incredible that we even need to say this, but there are not going to be 87,000 armed IRS officers going door-to-door with assault rifles” (D-Ore.).

Here are five facts regarding the $80 billion in IRS funding that was just included in Democratic health care, climate change, and tax legislation to help you cut through the hype.

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