will smith|Months Before Oscars, Will Smith Taught Boy Named Chris How To Slap|smith will

will smith|Months Before Oscars, Will Smith Taught Boy Named Chris How To Slap|smith will

A day after Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars, the video began to acquire popularity on social media.

The uproar around Will Smith’s Oscars slap at Chris Rock will now go away quickly. Even after apologizing, Smith is still receiving flak for approaching Rock during the Oscars ceremony and punching him in the face.

The internet has recently discovered an old video of Smith using a young boy to practice his slapping technique. The boy’s name was Chris as well, which was an awful coincidence.

On November 11, the demonstration happened during a Q&A after a Los Angeles screening of “King Richard.” Smith was this year’s Best Actor winner for the movie.

Chris was not actually slapped by Smith, but the actor did respond to Chris’s question on how the actor “fakes being smacked and beat up” in movies.

After telling the youngster what he would do, the actor had them perform the scene several times. The dialogue Smith offered the youngster was, “Hey dude, where’s my money?”

Smith pretended to slap the youngster after the boy repeated the dialogue. The crowd present cheered as he gave him a high five and a fist bump.

A day after Smith approached Rock at the Oscars event and spanked him for making a crude joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, who has the hair loss condition alopecia, the video started gaining popularity on social media.

“Stop using the name of my wife, you f*****!” After returning to his seat, Smith yelled twice while Rock watched in confusion. Smith received the Best Actor prize shortly after.

Although he has already apologized for his behavior, even to Rock, there are calls to take away Smith’s Oscar. Additionally, the Academy has begun an official investigation into the incident.

Additionally, Pinkett-Smith addressed the controversies with a post on her Instagram account about “healing.”

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