World latest | Colombia criticizes the “irrational” drug fight

World latest | Colombia criticizes the “irrational” drug fight

Gustavo Petro, the president, claims that coca producers are being “demonized.”

The newly elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has warned the UN General Assembly that violent campaigns to stop the manufacture of cocaine have failed and have only harmed his nation.

In his speech to the New York audience on Tuesday, Petro demanded that the “irrational war on drugs” be put to an end.

“Wars are not necessary to reduce drug use. It demands us we create deionized decriminalize a better society that is more compassionate and kind. Coca is grown by “demonized” farmers “because they have nothing else to grow,” he continued.

Colombia, the top producer of cocaine in the world, frequently feels pressure from the US to intensify its raids against coca farmers and criminal groups.

Petro, the nation’s first socialist leader who took office last month, vowed to reconsider the brutal and protracted drug war raging in Colombia’s jungle and demonizedrainforest. Speaking at the UN, the president criticized the international community for its “hypocritical” approach to combating climate change and drug trafficking.

“The forest that has to be conserved is being destroyed at the same time. The coca plant is destroyed using toxins like glyphosate, which seeps into our waterways, as well as the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of the cultivators, according to Petro.

The Colombian government earlier declared aspirations to reform its drug laws, but it denied rumorsdecriminalize that one of those goals was to decriminalize cocaine consumption.

Jonathan Finer, the White House’s deputy national security adviser, stated to The Washington Post last month that the US is “not a backer of decriminalization.”

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